What Does an Android App Developer Do?

First of all, you need to have the good programming knowledge to understand what an android app developer does. Learn basic programming principles such as Design patterns, SOLID and DRY. Don't get stressed if you find these topics uninteresting and extremely technical, you would get used to the terms that are used repeatedly. How Does an Android Developer Work? Bottom line [...]

Who Is The Best SEO Company?

With billions of companies gaining their ground today, online competition is increasing by leaps and bounds. A staggering number of digital agencies are working their way up by tackling different types of SEO challenges. You need to make sure to choose the right SEO company that can not only help your company grow but also make you stay ahead of [...]

How Much Does Digital Marketing Cost?

Here at MessageMuse, we are often asked, howmuch does digital marketing cost? Hence, we’ve decided to present acomplete online marketing cost guide right down to the lastdetail.  Let's start with what the researchers have to say about digital advertising spending in the USA. Statista revealed that in the US businesses spend around 151 billion U.S. dollars on digital marketing, as [...]

Why Startups Need SEO Services

Online SEO services and tools are working in the field to make startups successful. Companies can strike gold with a well-thought-out search engine marketing (SEO) planning and strategy during different phases of the startup such as pre-launch, during launch, and post-launch. Research indicates the importance of SEO. You will be supposed to know that in the USA 2.24 million search [...]

Why Android Apps ‘Not Installed’ Error Occurs?

Sometimes Android apps are stuck to install and that can be pretty frustrating if it happens continuously. Hence, it's necessary to get into the core of the error message“application not installed”. Let’s dig deep into the issue so that we can find a solution. Why Does it Fail to Install Android Apps? 1. Insufficient Storage: If you don't have sufficient [...]

20 Interesting Android Phone Settings You Should Know About

An Androidphone brings you a lot of interesting and usable features. In this guide,we are going to shed light into 20 lesser-known customization for your phone.For your information, the following instructions specifically apply to Android10, and Android 8.0 Oreo. 1. Increase Font Size To make adjustments follow the steps: Open the “Settings” Choose “Display” Then, “Advanced” And finally, click “font-size” [...]

How to Find the Best Digital Company in 2020?

A digital company solves the online marketing challenges for you, marketing your business through social media, email content, SEO, PPC, SEM, and many other ways. However, choosing the best marketing agency is the crux of the matter. Before you select a service, ask yourself and your potential marketing agency a few questions. 1. What Are Your Company's Requirements? Before you [...]

Which is The Best Web Development Company in USA?

Are you on a hunt for the right web development company in the USA? We recommend you one of the most trusted digital agencies MessageMuse LLC. The leading company has laid a deep foundation in delivering state of the art app/web development, using high-end technology. Free IT consulting, and thoughtful technological solutions, website strategy, UI designs, UX design, IoT web [...]

How To Fix Mobile Apps Freezing And Crashing On Android

Android phones allow you to install a variety of mobile apps. But a crashing app ruins the fun. If your app is in a real jam and it keeps freezing, you may try the following methods: 1. Restart Your Android Device: Restoring your device closes the apps running in the background, freeing up the clogged memory and making the device [...]

What Everyone Ought to Know About Mobile App Development & Maintenance Costs

Once mobile app development is completed, you must take care of the app's maintenance. You must be thinking; why do you need continuous costs for mobile app maintenance after your app is published. What’s the Cost of Mobile App Maintenance? Being an app development agency, MessageMuse is often asked this question about app maintenance costs. Hence, we thought it would [...]