What other benefits are there for me and my business?


In a word, PRICE. Most local IT service companies enjoy a large mark up. In many cases, that price can be double the cost of the back office that is doing your work. Message Muse can provide those same services more efficiently and at a much-reduced cost. We invite you to compare our pricing to others. We think you will be pleasantly surprised by the savings.

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    Why work directly with an offshore company?

    In most cases, locally owned IT services companies have offshore back offices. These local businesses become the middle men and in many cases, don’t have all the skills needed to advise you fully about the options for your project. That means a pass through of information from you to the local office to the developer. This additional step creates more work and increases the chance of miscommunication. At Message Muse, you get to work directly with the development team to achieve your business goals. We respond quickly to your questions and projects are completed on time. Your direct source team has the knowledge to answer important questions and help you with decisions that will provide efficient and effective implementation of your project.

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    What are the services provided by Message Muse?

    Message Muse has a portfolio of services designed to meet your business needs. We offer Digital Marketing, Usability Design, Web Development and Mobility as a suite to support the growth and success of your company or business idea. Services can be bundled to provide a seamless design and strategy at a much lower cost to you.