iPhone App Development:

With the popularity of the IPhone in the US and across the world, Apple has created an arena and set the bar high for quality apps. Apple’s App Store has built the reputation for offering some of the best and most complex apps around. As such, Apple has placed requirements on those wanting to offer apps through them.

At MessageMuse, we have made iPhone app development one of our priorities, which is why our team can craft for you a wide range of high-quality iOS apps for almost any purpose, including entertainment, business, maps & navigation, weather, games, and news applications. We can even design an app specific to the Southeast and surrounding areas (Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia). Let us help you get your app up and running.

Why Choose iPhone Application Development with MessageMuse?

As an app design and development company, we have vast experience in the mobile industry as well as an in-depth knowledge of technologies needed for app development. We are your go-to source for iPhone and iPad application development.

Our iPhone and iPad app developers and programmers have thorough and up to date knowledge of all iOS SDK technologies including COCOA, X-Code, and Objective C, allowing us to deliver top notch solutions in iPhone and iPad app development. Our extensive testing process ensures that every app we develop runs smoothly on any iPhone or iPad.

MessageMuse Solutions for iPhone Application Development

iPhone app development for personal use

  • Fitness apps with calories and food database

  • Podcast, music, and online radio apps

  • Customized calendar and personalized diary apps

  • Dream inducer and synthesizer apps

  • Screensaver, wallpapers, and iPhone themes

  • Medical management apps

  • Social Networking apps

iPad App Development:

As with IPhone apps, iPad apps have great popularity. Apple’s App Store, the place where all of the best iPad apps can be found, has a reputation for offering some of the most sophisticated and well-crafted apps in the world. This sets a high standard for any company that wants to create an iPad app for its brand.

Whether your needs are for apps that are published or enterprise apps that are used through intranet and extranet access, we can provide the most creative solutions for your business. We at MessageMuse have the knowledge and experience to build custom iPad apps depending on your personal or corporate needs. Tells us your ideas and we will bring them to life.

iPad Apps for Business

  • Custom mobile CMS apps

  • Apps integrating with a custom CRM

  • Inventory management tools

  • MIS applications

  • Accounting applications

  • Custom office suites

  • Wireless sharing and printing apps

  • Email applications

  • Hospitality industry apps

  • Apps specific to the Southeast region (Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia)

iPad Apps for Social Media

  • Messenger apps integrated with Facebook, MySpace, Skype, Gtalk, or Yahoo,

  • ‘Check in’ apps

  • Friend finder apps

  • Notification apps

  • SMS apps

  • File and picture sharing apps

iPad App Game Development

  • Casual games

  • Action & arcade games

  • Sports games

  • RPG games

  • Brain & puzzle games

  • Racing games

  • Cards & casino games

Android App Development:

Android is an increasingly popular operating system and with new, more recent releases they continue to gain popularity. Powered by Google, based on open source technology and a Linux platform, Android technology uses a host of supporting languages. The demand for Android application development continues to grow across the United States.

For business owners, this means that you must include an Android version of your app so that you can reach all your customers. MessageMuse is an experienced Android app developer serving the Southeast (Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia). We offer an experienced and dedicated Android app development team well versed in technologies necessary to craft high-quality Android applications. Furthermore, we can create mirror-image apps for both IOS and Android so that you reach everyone.

We use best practices when developing your Android app and follow the stringent protocols established for Android. We work with you to bridge the gap between what you need in an app and the technical expertise it requires to make that happen. Our development process includes the following:

  • We work with you to determine your needs and the functionality you want.

  • Our in-house development team decide upon the best software architecture options to be used for the application development process.

  • We create suitable designs and layouts for the application user interface (UI), ensuring that your app looks beautiful and that you approve.

  • We code and program your Android app by industry requirements and standards.

  • We test and quality check the app to ensure it works as designed.

  • We make sure the finished app is accepted on the Google Play Store, the official Android app marketplace.

MessageMuse Solutions for Android Application Development

  • Industry as well as client specific apps

  • CRM apps integration

  • CMS apps

  • Commerce and online catalogs

  • GPS navigation apps

  • Office suites

  • Digital signage apps

  • Management Information System (MIS) reporting apps

  • Games

  • Entertainment apps

  • Medical management apps

Android Tablet Development:

For many, tablets have become an indispensable part of their daily life. In many businesses, tablets are used for managing inventory, completing forms and documents, and queue tracking. At MessageMuse, we have experience in Android tablet apps development for many uses. We can create functional, beautiful, and easy to use apps for all major mobile platforms. Whether your business has a single location in the Southeast (Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia) or multiple locations over many cities, we can deliver creative solutions for all your business needs.

We have experience in developing apps for all purposes—whether listed publically for entertainment or enterprise apps used for business functions. We specialize in cross-platform application development too, which lets you have a universal application that can work efficiently on every tablet platform.

Why Choose MessageMuse for Tablet Application Development

MessageMuse has rich experience in creating tablet applications using Microsoft as well as open source development technologies. Our team has successfully completed many tablet app development projects and has experience in creating a wide range of custom web application on the Symphony PHP framework to ensure web-based applications are compatible with all tablets.

Android Tablet Application Development

In the current tablet environment, Android is the dominant player. Here at MessageMuse our developers and programmers have experience in all Android SDK as well as programming in Java, C, and C++. For our clients, this means you will get a robust Android app.

Our Tablet Application Development

  • CMS applications

  • Office suites

  • Accounting apps

  • CRM integration on tablet

  • Games

  • Maps and navigations apps

  • Hospitality industry apps

  • Enterprise apps for managing business processes

Our specialized, custom tablet application development services will not disappoint you. Contact us, tell us your idea, and we will get to work right away.