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Creating the Best Experiences & Services

In a world of service design agencies Our mission is to help your business and projects stand out above the rest. We bring the technology know-how and creativity and you bring the knowledge about your products and services. Together we create a technology strategy for now and in the future. We pride ourselves in being a unique, boutique agency that collaborates with you to make your goals a reality.

Industry Leading Professionals

We hire the best in the IT world—gold medalists, university top ranked, and those who are innovators in this space. We look for individuals who bring experience and creativity in a wide range of technologies and industry verticals. Our focus is on having a team that can provide not only what you want and need, but show you products you never imagined.

We Take Security & Privacy Seriously

We know that as you build your IT presence you will need to share sensitive information with our team. Because of that, we take the necessary steps to give you the security and privacy needed to make you feel comfortable with the process. Your information is only available on a need to know basis for those working on a particular segment of your project.

Also of importance are your ideas and concepts. They must remain secure as well. For that reason, we provide non-disclosure agreements to give you peace of mind from beginning to end.

Independent & Objective

At MessageMuse we work independently of other interests. You, as our customer, get 100% of our attention, and our focus is on what you need for your business. In many situations, clients are dealing with brokers who act as the middle man between the team who completes the project and the customer. That broker may have incentives and other interests that may cause him to lose objectivity and sell you something you don’t need or want. With us you will have a direct source relationship end to end where your satisfaction is paramount. We depend on satisfied customers to help our company grow.

Now serving the Southeast:
Florida, Georgia,
North Carolina, South Carolina,
Tennessee and Virginia.

Why work directly with an offshore company?

In most cases, locally owned IT services companies have offshore back offices. These local businesses become the middle men and in many cases, don’t have all the skills needed to advise...

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What other benefits are there for me and my business?

In a word, PRICE. Most local IT service companies enjoy a large mark up. In many cases, that price can be double the cost of the back office that is doing your work.

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What payment options are

A variety of ways to pay and terms of payment are available. We are happy to work with you to accommodate your business needs.

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What about the obstacles of working with an offshore company?

MessageMuse has designed its operations to cater to the US market. As such communications are done during your work hours and our staff is fluent in English.

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What are the services provided by Message Muse?

MessageMuse has a portfolio of services designed to meet your business needs. We offer Digital Marketing, Usability Design, Web Develoment, Mobility...

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What if I need something finished in a hurry?

Here at Message Muse we know the stress of running a company and that sometimes the traditional timeline for IT services.

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